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Blue cheese wholewheat pasta

We were in a bit of a rush the other evening as we had an important table tennis game to attend. We were also having a friend over for dinner, so whereas we would have thrown something lazy together for … Continue reading

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Baby spinach and beetroot salad

Almost all of my meals include, or consist entirely of a salad or salads. Generally our salads include whatever fresh ingredients we have. In this case I have to admit a weakness I have for baby spinach at this time … Continue reading

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Beetroot, avo, feta and almond cous cous

So I made my second attempt at the cous cous left in my cupboard. We came back from Hogsback on Sunday evening and the kitchen was rather bare aside from a massive basket of lemons. I did find some beetroot … Continue reading

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Ian’s dhal from Mrs Marie

This is a dish that Mrs Marie taught Ian many years ago and he has been making it ever since as a quick dinner option or something to serve with other curries. It really is quick and can be a … Continue reading

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Lentil and mushroom rice

Still in Hogsback, this dish was made with the leftovers from the lentil rice we had made the night before. Vannessa rummaged in the fridge and found some delicious large mushrooms so this is what she concocted… Ingredients Ingredients from … Continue reading

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Brinjal and feta bake

I know there have been a lot of brinjal recipes so far, but they are so damn delicious at the moment. This is one of my favourite things to do with brinjal. We were cooking for quite a few people … Continue reading

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Lentil rice

This lentil rice is based on my grandmother’s recipe, but I use brown rice and have added sunflower seeds for a bit more crunch. This is the version we made in Hogsback: Ingredients 2 cups brown rice 3/4 cup lentils … Continue reading

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