Roast brinjal, lentils, cous cous, rocket, feta, almonds and lemon dressing salad


  • 1 large brinjal
  • ½ cup brown dried lentils (if you lazy you could use a tin)
  • 2 chillis
  • 100g cous cous
  • Rocket from the garden
  • 1 round of feta
  • Toasted almond flakes


  • 3Tsp olive oil
  • Juice of 2 lemons from Dean’s parent’s lemon tree
  • Crushed roasted garlic
  • Dash of balsamic
  • Dash of honey

This meal started me staring at a softening brinjal that needed to be used. A lot of the time I am trying to work out what to do with vegetables before they get too soft, brown, wilted etc. I hate all shopping other than veg shopping and I impulse buy anything that looks ridiculously fresh and delicious.

After identifying the brinjal, I wandered around the kitchen and garden until I found other things I could use to concoct something quickly.

Firstly I put the lentils on to boil. I like chucking in a chilli or two (usually two) and some Ina Paarmans vegetable stock. I let them boil until they are soft and then drain them. It usually takes the same amount of time to boil them as it takes to prepare everything else which is rather convenient. Once that was boiling, I chopped the brinjal into chunks, sprinkled olive oil and salt over them and put them in the oven at 200 degrees to roast. It’s hard to give a time for how long this takes. I have a great oven so it is very quick for me, but brinjal cooks fast so it keep an eye on it. When they were almost done, I chucked in a clove of garlic to roast for the dressing.

Then I hit a blank. My cooking tends to be rather unplanned and spontaneous and usually involves grabbing whatever is around. I found some wholewheat cous cous Vaughn had left at our house, and having never actually tried to make cous cous before, thought I would give it a go. Its not that I have anything against cous cous itself. Maybe I have grown allergic to it as it is one of the things that is often poorly made and mixed with boring roast vegetables as the only vegetarian option at restaurants. I also resent that it costs so much and is largely imported. But I get why people cook with it so often. Jurre its easy! In a bowl with some hot water and 10mins later it is ready. When the lentils were done I mixed them through the cous cous.

I am addicted to almonds in various forms so I dry roasted some flakes in a hot pan. Any nuts or seeds would do though. We have beautiful rocket in the garden at the moment so I washed the baby snail juice off a bunch of leaves and cut them up coarsely. I also chopped some spring onion, and found 2 half rounds of feta left in 2 separate feta containers to crumble on the top.

The dressing involved crushing the roasted garlic in a mortar and pestle and then adding the rest of the ingredients. Finally you toss it all together in a big salad bowl. And gibber.

Time: the time it takes to boil lentils (+/- 30mins).

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3 Responses to Roast brinjal, lentils, cous cous, rocket, feta, almonds and lemon dressing salad

  1. Sarah says:

    Rike, what do you do about snails??? Ive got a WAR on.

  2. Kannan says:

    A very good posting.

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