Wholewheat spaghetti, sweetcorn, sundried tomato, almond, dhanya, chilli and garlic (dinner on the quick)

I got home late and my body hurt from carrying furniture up and down a steep flight of stairs all weekend. My brain hurt from teaching all day. I was so hungry I needed to eat something within 15 minutes or I would start gnawing on my arm. Or gibber the entire pack of smoked almonds I was given for my birthday (mmmm smoked almonds…. drool… thanks Alex). I scrounged around the kitchen and found a bunch of ingredients that were possible to turn into a meal within the shortest amount of time possible.


  • Wholewheat spaghetti
  • 1 large clove garlic
  • 1 red chilli (you can use more if you have weak chillies)
  • Half a tin of sweetcorn
  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Half a bunch of dhanya (coriander / cilantro)
  • Flaked almonds
  • Olive oil
  • Dash balsamic
  • Parmesan

I put on 150g of wholewheat spaghetti to boil with some salt and olive oil (and a dash of ina paarman’s veg stock – optional). The amount would obviously vary with the number of people eating, but 150g seems like enough for Dean and I. We very rarely cook pasta at home, but I was pleased to find some in the cupboard this evening.

While the spaghetti was boiling, I finely chopped the chilli and garlic, followed by chopping up the sundried tomatoes. I had made a salad for lunch to take to school, much like the avo salad I made the other day, but instead of lentils I had used half a tin of sweetcorn. Tinned sweetcorn is not ideal. I usually roast sweetcorn whole in the oven when it is in season, and when I have more time.

I also put the almond flakes on to dry roast and chopped the dhanya. Dhanya can be substituted with rocket, baby spinach or basil. For this meal I happened to have dhanya that really needed to be eaten (you will notice I use a lot of the same ingredients quite close together as this is not a styled food photo shoot, so I have to be practical to avoid wastage).

I chucked the garlic, chilli, sundried tomato and sweetcorn into a pot with some olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar and heated the pot. With miraculously great timing, the pasta was ready so I drained and refreshed it with some cold water, and then added it to the pot. After frying everything together briefly, I added the dhanya and mixed it through and then sprinkled the almonds over the top.

When it was served into our bowls, we grated parmesan over the top and drizzled a little more olive oil over the top in true gibber style of greediness. Parmesan is surprisingly cheap at Pick n Pay at the moment. I am not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. I can’t tell whether it is cheese being dumped from somewhere else in the world (ecological footprint?) or whether a local manufacturer is selling off their stock. I will look into it. Anyway it was delicious.

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3 Responses to Wholewheat spaghetti, sweetcorn, sundried tomato, almond, dhanya, chilli and garlic (dinner on the quick)

  1. Woolworths has also been selling little tubs of grated Italian parmesan for R20. I concede the ecological footprint. But if you want to buy olive oil, common market subsidies mean European oil is cheap, and sadly, buy South African costs an arm and a leg.

    • Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately the woolies parmesan is not vegetarian. Such a pity its made with animal rennet. I recently found some quite nice olive oil made in the cape for R79/l. Its called Olive Pickers and PnP stocks it.

  2. The one I bought says non-animal rennet.

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