Butternut, lentil, blue cheese and rocket tarte tatin (upside down pie)

Sjoe I am full. This dish is a bit richer than our usual week night dinners, but its easy and looks oh so impressive.

Again, I found myself scrounging around for ingredients after running up and down a very steep hill for some bizarre reason. I impulse buy veg like other people buy clothes and other such consumer addictables. This means I am constantly trying to use the way-too-much-veg-for-two-people that I have stacked on every counter and every shelf of the fridge. Tonight I was adamant to use the butternut I have been avoiding. There was a little bit of puff pastry and blue cheese left over from the π Pie, and seeing as Dean is the pastry captain, we decided to make a tarte tatin.


  • 1 butternut
  • 2 red onions
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 red chilli (optional)
  • A cup of lentils
  • Blue cheese
  • Rocket from the garden

Put a cup of lentils on to boil. You don’t need the whole cup, but the leftover is handy for the lentil, butternut and feta salad I plan to have for lunch tomorrow. Add some salt or veg stock or herbs or all of these.

Peel and chop the butternut into nice bite size chunks. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. I find butternut can be too sweet sometimes, so the salt and pepper help the savoury roasting process. Roast in a hot oven (+/- 200 degrees). When done, remember to keep some aside for the lunch salad.

Finely chop the garlic and chilli. Slice the onions into thin pieces. Caramelise with sugar or balsamic vinegar on a low heat until soft and browned. We use a bit of butter and a dash of olive oil so the butter doesn’t burn (gibber gibber). Add the chilli and garlic to caramelise a little as well. We do this in the pan that we plan to bake the dish in. We were very lucky to have been given a real tarte tatin pan as a gift. If you aren’t as fortunate as us, then fry in a pan and put it into the bottom of a flat, low-rimmed and round oven dish.

Make sure the onion is evenly spread on the bottom of the pan. Layer the lentils on top of the onions. Add the roasted butternut and then sprinkle the blue cheese. You could also use feta. Or leave the cheese out if you have the misfortune of being lactose intolerant (I don’t think I could survive without cheese).

Roll out the puff pastry. Place over the top of the pan and cut to size. Tuck the pastry into the pan and then brush with milk. Bake in the oven for around 30mins or until the pastry is golden brown.

Now the most challenging part. Once baked, the tarte tatin needs to be flipped. The reason you caramelise the onions is to lubricate the pan for the flipping (yes, food porn). Once you have flipped the tart (haha), add the rocket you have grown in your garden or on your balcony (see previous post or this link to instructions for your rocket patch).

I should have asked Dean to make a sound recording of the tart being cut. A very satisfying crunch. Serve with a simple tomato salad (post coming soon). Finally, make sure you are in rolling room of somewhere comfortable.

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6 Responses to Butternut, lentil, blue cheese and rocket tarte tatin (upside down pie)

  1. Marisa says:

    Looking GOOD! Can see I’m going to be enjoying your blog…

    Butternut FTW.

  2. mol-d says:

    this looks great! i want to try it 🙂

  3. bridget says:

    hey, i made this! it is wonderful. i have to confess the tipping over turned out slightly wrong and it looked like a mess (a wonderful tasting mess but a mess all the same). anyway, if you have left-over (minus the pastry because someone may have just picked it out and eaten it all) then it makes a great soup. just blitz it with some veg stock and *yum*

  4. Sons says:

    Can you only use red onions to caramelize – or can you use the brown variety with the same result?

  5. Sons says:

    I tried this last night. I caramalized the onions in a pan and then transferred them to a glass pyrex dish. I oiled the dish down before doing this and added a bit of butter for good luck. It all came out beautifully, didn’t stick at all… I think I may have ‘caramalized on too high a heat though, because they onions got a little crunchy and dark brown. So will watch that for next time. A treat though. Another tip, after phoning the Pastry Captain – he insisted rolling, even already rolled puff pastry!

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