Lemon cordial

I learned how to make this lemon cordial in Hogsback from Ian and Pinty. My pics from Hogsback weren’t all that good so I recreated the recipe here. It is seriously refreshing and nowhere near as sweet as most of the other sugar-packed varieties I have tried. Ian has refined the recipe to have the least amount of sugar possible. We picked these lemons from Dean’s parent’s garden. The recipe makes about 1l.


  • Grated rind of 4 lemons
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 420ml water
  • Juice of 12 lemons

In a pot, heat the grated rinds, sugar and water. As soon as it boils, switch off the heat. Allow to cool slightly before adding the lemon juice. Strain the liquid into a bottle. I used a small tea strainer over a funnel.

I like to reuse stuff I have so I cleaned out an old whiskey bottle that has been lurking in our recycling pile for some time. I also sterilized the bottle with boiling water before adding the cordial. I am not sure whether this is necessary, but I thought it may keep it fresher for a little longer.

Serve it exactly as you would any other cordial – mixed with water. Diluting it with sparkling or soda water is also very delicious. The next one I make I will add some mint to see what happens.

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One Response to Lemon cordial

  1. seaviewsarah says:

    also good with gin!
    even better if you add a tiny pinch of salt and a sprig of lavender.
    yay for summer

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