Sunday Breakfast Juice

I have been a little absent as I have been surrogate mumming my 3 month old niece, so I have a nice backlog of gibberlicious things to post. I thought I would start with Sunday morning. We started the day with liquid deliciousness (the non-alcoholic kind). I have been making smoothies for my sister all week to keep her well nourished so she could fulfill her dual function as brain (phd workshop) and boob (baby milk machine). I had forgotten how much I like smoothies. And how easy and quick they are as breakfast drinks.

Dean wasn’t feeling up to yoghurt, so I made a very simple banana and pawpaw smoothie.


  • 2 bananas
  • a section of pawpaw (see pictures)

Thats all. I have been pumping the cinnamon and yoghurt and and and all week, so decided to just do fruit for a change. I think sometimes we forget how damn good it tastes on its own. I blended them with my blendy stick, and voila. OK, I did garnish them with strawberries.

I also regularly make fresh juice filled with all sorts of juicable fruit and veg. Accompanying the smoothie was a carrot, apple, cucumber, orange and lemon juice. I juiced the carrot, apple and cucumber. I squeezed 2 oranges and half a lemon and added it to the juice.

I ground fresh beans for coffee and took a tray back to bed with some leftover lemon cake I had made the previous day, and carried on watching Fantastic Mr Fox. I also played a bit of Tetris. Dean bought one of those old plastic game consols for his circuit bending experiments, so before he chopped it up into a million pieces and put it together again so it does something else, I got a few obsessive games of Tetris in. I love Tetris so very much.

And then we got ready for the Bunny Barometer. The top 10 bunny chows were being judged at Blue Lagoon…

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