Jono’s pizza

I do so love being cooked for. In Joburg recently, my friend Jono of MESS cooked up a pizza dinner of deliciousness (he may bitch about wine and the wine glasses it comes in, but he makes a mean pizza). It was a Monday night. There was wine and kakpraat and some serious chin-dripping gibberliciousness. It was a marvelous way to start the week.


  • Artichokes in garlic, lemon butter amongst other delicious drippings
  • Tomato  based asparagus and egg pizza
  • Cheese based tomato and basil pizza

This post doesn’t have the recipe, but you can get an idea of what was made. Drool.

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One Response to Jono’s pizza

  1. Jane-Anne says:

    Please feel free to post links to your recipes on The South African Food Bloggers’ Showcase x

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