Roast baby tomato, basil, lentil and danish feta / blue cheese tarte tatin with rocket

I am not usually the pastry person but I had to suck it up and face the puff. The pi captain and my mum (who we were staying with transitionally while waiting for our furniture to arrive) were working late, and to avoid any of the usual of end-of-day-starving-to-dismemberment grumps, I was instructed to make a tarte tatin with the tomatoes from my mum’s garden.


  • Enough baby tomatoes to cover the bottom of a pie dish (preferably home grown)
  • 2 red onions sliced and caramelised
  • Half a tin of lentils (optional)
  • Feta or blue cheese
  • Healthy handful of homegrown basil
  • Puff pastry
  • Dash of milk for crisping the pastry
  • Rocket

Evenly slice 2 red onions and cook slowly in olive oil to caramelise (using sugar or balsamic vinegar). Slice baby tomatoes in half and place them slice-side down in a pie dish. We were given a le creuset (lucky lucky us) but it was in a box making its way down the coast when I was cooking, so I had to resort to a glass dish. I happened to have half a tin of lentils leftover from a lentil salad I had made for lunch, so I decided to add them to the dish for some protein, but this is entirely optional.

Bake the tomatoes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a short while to get them a little soft, while you prepare the other ingredients. Sprinkle the lentils over the partially cooked tomtoes. Layer the caramelised onion over the lentils. Sprinkle the danish feta / blue cheese and then the basil over the top of the onions.

Roll out the pastry to a suitable size to cover the contents of the tarte. Trim and tuck in the edges. Brush with a bit of milk for crispyness and bake in an oven of 180 degrees for 20-30mins or until golden brown. When cooked, allow to cool for +/-5mins.

Flip the pie dish onto a plate and hope for the best. The le creuset is very nonstick so its a much neater affair. This one was pretty chaotic (as you can see in the pic). But if it comes out too messy, arrange in some semblance of order and then cover in rocket. No one will know or taste the difference. I am sure we will have another one some time in the near future so I’ll take a neater picture and post it to regain some food neatness dignity.

Slice and serve with a green salad – preferably with a lemon dressing, as the tarte is quite sweet from the tomatoes and balsamic.

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