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Spicy lentil soup

I got back from the heat of Cairo into winter edging its way through the cape. The most exciting thing about the cold is that we have an excuse to light our fire, which is a novelty for us Durbanites, … Continue reading

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Cheesy soup dipping pita scoops

These are a very quick and easy dipping fix for winter soups (even though the title for this post reads more like a collection of words than a recipe title). I gorged on really good pita in Cairo, and wish … Continue reading

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Dhanya chutney

I have been gibbering it up in Cairo for the past week; stuffing my face part with food that is common all around this part of the world, and that shares many dishes with greek food as well (more on … Continue reading

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Egg curry

I know this is a bit of a bizarre recipe for someone who has a somewhat tenuous relationship with the egg (or chicken period as a friend and I called them in our youth). I usually tend to avoid the … Continue reading

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Spicy roast tomato, giant spring onion and parsley soup

This is a quick soup I made for my friends in hogsback on a recent trip to the eastern cape. It is inspired by Dean’s tomato soup, but this one was made almost exclusively from vegetables from their organic garden. … Continue reading

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