Cheesy soup dipping pita scoops

These are a very quick and easy dipping fix for winter soups (even though the title for this post reads more like a collection of words than a recipe title). I gorged on really good pita in Cairo, and wish we got the same kind of light and thin pitas here, but the stodgy ones will have to do until I learn how to make them myself (any recipe suggestions most welcome). The butter and baking makes them less starchy but more greasy (yum), and they are great for dipping in and scooping up soup. We served these with a spicy lentil soup, but they would also work well with our roast tomato soup (and almost all the soups that are still to come this winter).


  • 2 pitas (depends on how many people you are cooking for and how greedy they are… we polished off 2 between 2 of us – wipes the grease off her chin)
  • Handful of mozzarella (I guess you could use any cheese – next time mature cheddar I think)
  • Sprinkling of parmesan
  • Sprinkling of smoked paprika
  • Knob of melted butter

Cut the pita into 8ths. Grate the cheese and mix through the parmesan and smoked paprika. Stuff the pita with the cheese mix. Brush the outside of the pita in butter and grill in the oven until golden brown. Use to dip, soak or scoop the soup. This recipe was also adapted from Australian Womens Weekly book on soup.

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One Response to Cheesy soup dipping pita scoops

  1. warren says:

    Rike, Rike, Rike…. i haven’t looked at the blog for a while, checked it out today and sent the link to a work colleague that is also vego… ( carmen and have stopped eating meat for the last 2 months, and loving it ) will be making this pita surprise cheesy surprise soon.

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