Veggie garden in Cyprus

One of my father’s best childhood friends and his wife have taken up food gardening on a plot on the outskirts of Larnaca. For anyone who has been to Cyprus will know, this is no easy task. The landscape is harsh and the heat unforgiving. There is very little water and much of the island is riddled with soil erosion. It is difficult to imagine such luscious fruit sprouting from the arid soil, but there it was.

I had the pleasure of trying the home-made apricot and nectarine jam. We were given a jar and almost every day started with haloumi and jam on fresh bread. I also tasted the marrows, cucumbers, figs,and peaches, and have brought home a packet of dried oreganum.

Stuffed marrow flowers are a local delicacy which I am dying to replicate as soon as I have a garden again one day. We were given a packet full of marrows and my mother made a delicious marrow in tomato sauce.

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