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Cyprus sweet treats!

I just found these images from Cyprus and got suddenly very very hungry for syrupy goodness. My stomach is actually twinging with longing. The above pictures are from a lokmades feast we had. We had a mountain of the delicious … Continue reading

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Mrs Laband’s Chocolate Brownies

I remember when I was in undergrad, going to maritzburg with Zoe and Felix. We would stay at their parents’ house and if we were lucky there would be a tupperware with chocolate brownies or carrot cake in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Thai son-in-law eggs

As you know, I am not an egg fan, but somehow all the flavours of this recipe kill the overpowering egg flavour. Eggs actually become somehow tasty. I learned the recipe years ago while studying for the first incarnation of … Continue reading

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Thai chickpea curry

As mentioned in the previous post about our favourite veg Thai recipe book, a dear friend of ours had her birthday in June (yes, I know this is a looooong time ago now), and for her birthday we gave her … Continue reading

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Thai fried curried rice

This fried curried rice dish can be made to accompany different kinds of curry, but we like it best with the thai chickpea curry both dishes are from our favourite thai cook book. Again, it is the pepper that gives … Continue reading

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Thai Vegetarian Cooking (book)

This Thai cookbook was given to us years ago by my mother-in-law. It is rare to find thai vegetarian cook books, and ones with such delicious recipes.  What we love about this book is how simple the ingredients are, yet … Continue reading

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Mushroom Stroganof Pi Pielets

I have stopped cooking. Which is why there have been no posts for a very long time. I got knocked up and completely lost my food imagination and any desire to cook. I have been eating, but generally sticking to … Continue reading

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