Cyprus sweet treats!

I just found these images from Cyprus and got suddenly very very hungry for syrupy goodness. My stomach is actually twinging with longing.

The above pictures are from a lokmades feast we had. We had a mountain of the delicious balls and gibbered until we got hysterical. Basically they are pastry balls, deep-fried and then soaked in syrup.

And then there’s Wiltons – a chain bakery that specialises in local delicacies. Leaving my niece with the grandparents and great-grandfather, we (captain, me, sis, sis’ man-meat and girl-cousin) went on a road trip and bought a box of these and gibbered them in the car, dripping syrup down our chins and dusting icing sugar on our cleavages.

This is one of the places we went to on our trip. Maybe thinking warm Cypriot thoughts will defrost my fingers in the coldness of Cape Town.

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One Response to Cyprus sweet treats!

  1. mouldy says:

    yum, cypriot koeksisters! 🙂

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