Wholewheat pasta screws with pesto, fresh tomato, danish feta and almonds

It has been a while since I had a chance to cook, or play on the internet with any real conviction, what with having a baby and all the madness that comes with the first 8 weeks of parenting (we have managed to keep him alive and fatten him to a healthy +6kgs, so all good so far). Now that my time and priorities have shifted, a quick meal has become not only essential, but the only kind of meal that will have the hope of happening, so please excuse me if the next few posts are all about haste. Most of them will probably be pasta as I try and quell the insatiable hunger from breastfeeding. Like seriously, I have a healthy appetite normally, but I have not been able to eat four filled croissants and still be hungry since I was a kid (when I, most memorably, ate 9 slices of toast with Nutella that German relatives had sent, in one sitting).

But back to the meal before the dude sleeping on my chest wakes up…


  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 clove garlic (or more if you want)
  • Leftover pesto (or make some fresh)
  • Danish feta
  • Wholewheat pasta screws
  • Almonds

This dish came about when trying to make the most of a relatively bare fridge, leftover pesto, and some not-so-great-looking tomatoes. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes to loosen the skin. Peel and chop. Finely chop some garlic and fry. Add the tomatoes. Scoop out the leftover pesto and add. While the sauce is cooking, put the pasta on to boil, and toast the almonds.

When the pasta is ready, crumb the feta through the sauce. Mix in the pasta and add the almonds. Eat really quickly while you have a gap…

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1 Response to Wholewheat pasta screws with pesto, fresh tomato, danish feta and almonds

  1. Sonya says:

    Meals in haste is what I’m all about these days so these posts will not be unwelcome.

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