Seedy rice with leeks, peas, wild rocket and creme fraiche

A lot of people don’t like rice. I get it. It can be really boring. Or starchy. Or mushy. A lot of the time it is the sauce that is the important bit and the rice just makes you full. The captain is not a fan so I have to find ways to big up the rice so he doesn’t wrinkle his nose.  This time he was very well restrained, but I could see him retching in his mind (he complains initially, but then really likes it when he eats it).

I was also misdiagnosed with a wheat allergy, so for years I had to think of ways to throw loads of vegetables at rice dishes so they were way more tasty. Generally this means looking at what is in the fridge (and these days finding things that aren’t rotting) and improvising. Luckily enough I had been staying with my lovely friend Gwyn (Eastcoast Tables) and had eaten some of the food she had prepared for her daughter. I didn’t know what it had in it, all I knew was there was rice, and fresh herbs, and creme fraiche. So when I got back home, and I happened to have something akin to these ingredients, I tried to replicate the dish in some form.

I served this rice dish with a brinjal, tomato and feta bake.


  • 1 cup of brown rice
  • 1 leek
  • 1 green chilli (I had a huge one so use 2 if you have smaller ones)
  • half a cup of peas
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of creme fraiche
  • two big handfuls of wild rocket
  • dried mixed seeds

Boil the brown rice with some salt. While the rice is boiling, prepare the peas. Fresh peas would be better, but all I had was frozen ones. I soaked them in some boiling water to defrost them. Slice the leek and chop the chilli and rocket. Roast the seeds in a pan.

When the rice is almost ready, add the peas to the top of the rice to steam with the last evaporating water. If you want to avoid extra pots and pans to wash, remove the rice from the pot and keep aside in a bowl. Fry the leeks and the chilli. Add the rice back into the pot with the heat on medium to reheat it. Add the creme fraiche and mix through. Switch off the heat and add the rocket and the seeds.

Vegan version: leave the creme fraiche

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