gibberlicious is about all the vegetarian food we cook at home. It is also in honour of my wonderful grandmother (Amaranthe Sitas) who we all miss: the puppeteer and Cypriot cook extraordinaire (see Kopiaste, a seminal Cypriot cook book, much like Indian Delights here).

This use of the word ‘gibber’ comes from one of my siblings and means the stuffing of one’s face. Or the fattening of one’s neck until it wobbles like a turkey. None of us have any formal training in foodery, but we are a family of cookers and eaters. We give each other gibber boxes for birthdays.

In the interest of environmental sustainability, and supporting local industries, we mostly buy fresh produce from local markets and veg stores that stock seasonal vegetables grown locally. Not the larney expensive organic hoo ha places, that charge a million rand for a piece of garlic, grown in Ethiopia, then flown and refrigerated and stifled in plastic, but rather places like the Early Morning Market (Warwick Junction) and Everfresh (both in Durban).

gibberlicious is a collection of things we cook on a daily basis. The food is not really all that fancy, and the photos are not styled (the lighting in my kitchen is terrible). The main point of the blog is to share some of the things we cook and eat. It is mostly quick, easy and cheap to buy and make.

Although I like reading recipes, I never use them when I cook. I like rummaging and seeing what happens. Baking is another story. Baking is maths and science and I am a little nervous of both of these animals to improvise. For those of you who don’t know me (Rike Sitas), other than lecturing, this is what I get up to the rest of my time: http://www.dala.org.za.

Dean Henning (aka captain asthma) tends to prefer starting with a recipe the first time he makes something, and then generally forgetting where he put it, improvises from there. During the day you will find Dean lecturing multimedia and any free time, he is in his studio, the Iron Lung, making music. See http://www.thesoundofand.co.za.

Wherever we use other people’s recipes we will credit our sources.

The rest of the family are preparing to contribute, and as soon as they do I will introduce them and their madnesses and shenanigans as well.

So, this is what we like to gibber…

7 Responses to About

  1. Marisa says:

    Cool – always nice to stumble onto a fellow South African food lover’s blog!

  2. Richard says:

    Hi Rike – great! Good health to you and the rest of us when we try these recipes.

  3. Hi Rike

    good to see that you are on the gibber again.
    carmen and i are trying the conscience eating route, not full veggie yet but feeling good cutting down on the carnivore side. carmen made this amazing salad yesterday and i thought you’d be interested. check it on http://www.bread365.tumblr.com

    hope you guys are well

  4. Colleen says:

    Love this, stumbled upon your blog via SA Food Bloggers Showcase on facebook. Look forward to browsing a bit. xx

  5. Hi Rike,
    Love your blog, as you know I love my food especially Cypriot cuisine (the finest in the world of course) and my other favorite Indian food.
    Funnily enough I stumbled across Kopiaste the other day on ebay so I snapped up a bargain for £2.70 so looking forward to that arriving here in CT.
    Being from birmingham (we love our curry) home of famous Balti, I have been trying to perfect the recipe and bought another cookbook published by one of the restaurants there. Its pretty close to the taste of home although I can’t get some of the ingredients such as fenugreek leaves and asafoetida.
    I like the look of your curried eggs recipe, as there was one particular restaurant there that had eggs in the balti. They also did a spicy version of the traditionally english scotch – delicious.
    Hope you guys are well xx

  6. i absolutely adore your comment. I hope you win.
    lovely blog Rike
    i am subscribed
    good luck with the random number generator jeannine

  7. my partner found your blog and is so thrilled to read about your recipes as I am formerly from Durban 🙂 I certainly will be following your blog from here on.

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