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Baby spinach, roast sweetcorn, asparagus, almond and parmesan salad

This is another of Vaughn’s delicious salads. This is another part of the dinner in Dundee. Dundee is a fascinating town. Like most South African small towns, it is divided along race and class lines, but there is an old dilapidated fire engine … Continue reading

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Asparagus, oyster mushroom and sesame seed salad

Did you know that the smell of asparagus wee is the closest to skunk smell? Also, only some people can smell it. Those of you who think the smell doesn’t affect you, actually just can’t smell it. I read this … Continue reading

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Jono’s pizza

I do so love being cooked for. In Joburg recently, my friend Jono of MESS cooked up a pizza dinner of deliciousness (he may bitch about wine and the wine glasses it comes in, but he makes a mean pizza). … Continue reading

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Spinach and ricotta pie-lets with strawberry, sundried and baby tomato reduction (and asparagus and almond flakes)

Oooo, its been a while. I have been eating. I just haven’t been at home. So I have a bit of a backlog of deliciousness. This is the meal Dean and I cooked before I went gallivanting off to the big city. … Continue reading

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