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Steamed green beans and balsamic roast tomato and olive salad with feta and almonds

On these cold winter nights the usual go-to salads are not all that appealing. Oh the coldness! I am still not completely used to being so cold most of the time. I also always seem to be cooking in a … Continue reading

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Herbed yoghurt potato salad and marinated chickpea, avo, baby spinach and cranberry salad

I miss seeing my feet. Its not that I have particularly beautiful feet (very few people do), its just that back in the cold I am always wearing socks. Now that we are back from Cyprus, we have returned to … Continue reading

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Spicy roast tomato, giant spring onion and parsley soup

This is a quick soup I made for my friends in hogsback on a recent trip to the eastern cape. It is inspired by Dean’s tomato soup, but this one was made almost exclusively from vegetables from their organic garden. … Continue reading

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Spinach and ricotta pie-lets with strawberry, sundried and baby tomato reduction (and asparagus and almond flakes)

Oooo, its been a while. I have been eating. I just haven’t been at home. So I have a bit of a backlog of deliciousness. This is the meal Dean and I cooked before I went gallivanting off to the big city. … Continue reading

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Butternut, lentil and feta salad

Last night we made a butternut, lentil, blue cheese tarte tatin and I kept some of the roast butternut and lentil aside for a lunch salad today. Ingredients Roast butternut Lentils Baby tomatoes Rocket Almonds / pumpkin seeds / sunflower … Continue reading

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Wholewheat spaghetti, sweetcorn, sundried tomato, almond, dhanya, chilli and garlic (dinner on the quick)

I got home late and my body hurt from carrying furniture up and down a steep flight of stairs all weekend. My brain hurt from teaching all day. I was so hungry I needed to eat something within 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Avo salad lunch

At our family dinners I am only allowed to help myself to salad once everyone else has served themselves. I will (and often do) happily eat salads for breakfast. This recipe is for my daily salad fix. There are a … Continue reading

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