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Roast baby tomato, basil, lentil and danish feta / blue cheese tarte tatin with rocket

I am not usually the pastry person but I had to suck it up and face the puff. The pi captain and my mum (who we were staying with transitionally while waiting for our furniture to arrive) were working late, … Continue reading

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Broccoli and rosemary creamy pasta

So, my camera is fixed (although I have to change the way I take pics as the reason it was broken was because it had corroded internally from steam…) and we have a 5 plate gas stove in the place … Continue reading

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Blue cheese wholewheat pasta

We were in a bit of a rush the other evening as we had an important table tennis game to attend. We were also having a friend over for dinner, so whereas we would have thrown something lazy together for … Continue reading

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Butternut, lentil, blue cheese and rocket tarte tatin (upside down pie)

Sjoe I am full. This dish is a bit richer than our usual week night dinners, but its easy and looks oh so impressive. Again, I found myself scrounging around for ingredients after running up and down a very steep … Continue reading

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π Pie

Yay for geek food! This is Dean’s π Pie. Ingredients 1 onion Garlic (depends on how much garlic you like in your food) Mixed herbs 1 package of broccoli Half a bunch of spinach 1 bunch of fresh mint Sundried … Continue reading

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