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Brigitte’s Käse Spätzle (Kaese Spaetzle)

I can’t remember where I first had käse spätzle, but I have come to associate it with family friends in Durban. Despite my mum being German, it is not something I grew up with, but it is a dish I … Continue reading

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Veg braai parcels

We had the pleasure of staying at River Cottage for a weekend. No electricity. No cell phone reception. It wasn’t warm enough to swim in the river, but it was all very restful and pretty. I lay sprawled in the … Continue reading

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Danish feta, rocket and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms, with rosemary yellow sweet potato, and watercress salad

My sister is in town with my 3 month old niece. She is also vegetarian so I spent a good while wandering around Everfresh looking for all sorts of fresh vegetables to play with. Our fridge has been a little … Continue reading

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