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Pancake puffs

I grew up with pancakes once a week. Often eaten in front of a tiny black and white TV in the 30mins we were allowed to watch a week. The Simpsons, He-Man or Thundercats. Pick one. I still love making … Continue reading

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Brigitte’s Käse Spätzle (Kaese Spaetzle)

I can’t remember where I first had käse spätzle, but I have come to associate it with family friends in Durban. Despite my mum being German, it is not something I grew up with, but it is a dish I … Continue reading

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Dhanya and green chilli sweetcorn fritters with grated parmesan

I didn’t grow up with sweetcorn fritters. They were always an exotic luxury I had at other people’s houses. I grew up on birthday parties with cheese, gherkins and raisins instead of fritos and cheese curls. For many years I … Continue reading

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Mrs Laband’s Chocolate Brownies

I remember when I was in undergrad, going to maritzburg with Zoe and Felix. We would stay at their parents’ house and if we were lucky there would be a tupperware with chocolate brownies or carrot cake in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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