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Mushroom, brinjal, lentil, pea and fresh basil lasagna

Veg lasagna used to be one of the only veg meals you could find on most restaurant menus. It has always been the go-to safe option for meat eaters cooking for vegetarians. Often soggy and tasteless. A good lasagna can … Continue reading

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John’s vegetarian mousaka

A few weeks ago we went to visit friends of ours in Rooiels for a Cypriot feast. We had the most amazing weekend. We found a massive star fish and all manner of sea life in the rock pools and … Continue reading

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Roast baby tomato, basil, lentil and danish feta / blue cheese tarte tatin with rocket

I am not usually the pastry person but I had to suck it up and face the puff. The pi captain and my mum (who we were staying with transitionally while waiting for our furniture to arrive) were working late, … Continue reading

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Veg bolognaise

This is another quick, wholesome recipe and one of our staples when we run out of other ingredients. It doesn’t look all that impressive, but it is as good as any classic meat bolognaise. Probably better because it isn’t dripping … Continue reading

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Ian’s dhal from Mrs Marie

This is a dish that Mrs Marie taught Ian many years ago and he has been making it ever since as a quick dinner option or something to serve with other curries. It really is quick and can be a … Continue reading

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Lentil and mushroom rice

Still in Hogsback, this dish was made with the leftovers from the lentil rice we had made the night before. Vannessa rummaged in the fridge and found some delicious large mushrooms so this is what she concocted… Ingredients Ingredients from … Continue reading

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Lentil rice

This lentil rice is based on my grandmother’s recipe, but I use brown rice and have added sunflower seeds for a bit more crunch. This is the version we made in Hogsback: Ingredients 2 cups brown rice 3/4 cup lentils … Continue reading

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