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Steamed green beans and balsamic roast tomato and olive salad with feta and almonds

On these cold winter nights the usual go-to salads are not all that appealing. Oh the coldness! I am still not completely used to being so cold most of the time. I also always seem to be cooking in a … Continue reading

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Veg braai parcels

We had the pleasure of staying at River Cottage for a weekend. No electricity. No cell phone reception. It wasn’t warm enough to swim in the river, but it was all very restful and pretty. I lay sprawled in the … Continue reading

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Wholewheat cous cous with roast butternut, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, nuts and baby spinach

Another quickish meal for the starving. I made this the other night and haven’t gotten round to post it. I know I have said in the past that I am not the biggest fan of cous cous, but it was … Continue reading

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Spicy roasted carrot, sweetcorn, green beans, olives with danish feta and mixed seeds

Most of the time the vegetarian option consists of boiled butternut, green beans or carrots; sometimes smothered in sugar, but almost always soggy and limp. Or there are peppers. Slimy peppers that burp up for the next 24 hours. Using … Continue reading

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Roasted olive, rosemary, feta and seeds potato salad

I have been gone for a very very long time I know. My camera broke. One minute I was taking photos of food and the next it just wouldn’t switch on again. Then I was in Maputo working for a … Continue reading

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Savoury muffins (pesto and feta)

Another one of Dean’s┬áspecialties, these muffins are really quick and easy to make and utterly delicious. They also look impressive. He can’t remember where he got the initial recipe from but thinks it was from a Crank’s vegetarian recipe book … Continue reading

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