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Seedy rice with leeks, peas, wild rocket and creme fraiche

A lot of people don’t like rice. I get it. It can be really boring. Or starchy. Or mushy. A lot of the time it is the sauce that is the important bit and the rice just makes you full. … Continue reading

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Mushroom, brinjal, lentil, pea and fresh basil lasagna

Veg lasagna used to be one of the only veg meals you could find on most restaurant menus. It has always been the go-to safe option for meat eaters cooking for vegetarians. Often soggy and tasteless. A good lasagna can … Continue reading

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Thai fried curried rice

This fried curried rice dish can be made to accompany different kinds of curry, but we like it best with the thai chickpea curry both dishes are from our favourite thai cook book. Again, it is the pepper that gives … Continue reading

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Fresh pea, avo, haloumi and herb cous cous with lemon black bean dressing

The cous cous is finally finished! We threw this little salad together amidst last week’s baby madness. Ingredients: 1 cup wholewheat cous cous Bowl of freshly shelled peas 1 avo Rocket Parsley Haloumi Juice of half a lemon Sesame seeds … Continue reading

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The Savage Kitchen: Courgette Fritters

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of friend and local foodie, Anna Savage, cooking me dinner. Inspired by a Nigella Lawson recipe, Anna made courgette fritters, garlic yoghurt and a delicious fresh pea, tomato and cucumber salad. There were only … Continue reading

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Veg bolognaise

This is another quick, wholesome recipe and one of our staples when we run out of other ingredients. It doesn’t look all that impressive, but it is as good as any classic meat bolognaise. Probably better because it isn’t dripping … Continue reading

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