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Dill potato salad

This salad reminds me of my (late) German grandmother and her sister – a staple on their tables. Ingredients: Baby potatoes 2 -3 small red onions 4-5 gherkins A generous handful of dill 3 Tbsp of olive oil 3 Tbsp … Continue reading

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Roasted sweetcorn, red onion, parsley and sour cream salad

What is it about tasty mush at the moment? It seems to be all I am capable of in the kitchen. I thought a jaunty piece of parsley would help make it look less mushy, but it still looks like … Continue reading

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Lemon roasted chickpea, baby marrow, red onion and feta pasta

I have a bit of a backlog of easy pastas. It is easier to cook and take the pics than it is to find time in a day to process the images. I used to have a fridge overflowing with … Continue reading

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Beetroot, red onion, bean and dill salad

Beetroot is not everyone’s favourite, but I am a sucker for the colour. They are somehow gory. I love the way they unashamedly stain everything. I do also like the taste. This recipe was inspired by a beetroot salad my … Continue reading

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Sundried tomato, rosemary, red onion and danish feta roast potatoes

And I am back! Finally. It has been a trying few months. Broken camera. Relocating cities. Packing our house has been singularly traumatic. But as of next week Monday we will be in a new house in Woodstock, trying to … Continue reading

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Butternut, lentil, blue cheese and rocket tarte tatin (upside down pie)

Sjoe I am full. This dish is a bit richer than our usual week night dinners, but its easy and looks oh so impressive. Again, I found myself scrounging around for ingredients after running up and down a very steep … Continue reading

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Roast red potato and red onion

These baby red potatoes appear every so often and they are delicious. The amounts of ingredients really depend on how many people you are feeding (and how greedy you are). This is a very quick and easy accompaniment to almost any other kind … Continue reading

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