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Seedy rice with leeks, peas, wild rocket and creme fraiche

A lot of people don’t like rice. I get it. It can be really boring. Or starchy. Or mushy. A lot of the time it is the sauce that is the important bit and the rice just makes you full. … Continue reading

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Roast baby tomato, basil, lentil and danish feta / blue cheese tarte tatin with rocket

I am not usually the pastry person but I had to suck it up and face the puff. The pi captain and my mum (who we were staying with transitionally while waiting for our furniture to arrive) were working late, … Continue reading

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Fresh pea, avo, haloumi and herb cous cous with lemon black bean dressing

The cous cous is finally finished! We threw this little salad together amidst last week’s baby madness. Ingredients: 1 cup wholewheat cous cous Bowl of freshly shelled peas 1 avo Rocket Parsley Haloumi Juice of half a lemon Sesame seeds … Continue reading

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Danish feta, rocket and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms, with rosemary yellow sweet potato, and watercress salad

My sister is in town with my 3 month old niece. She is also vegetarian so I spent a good while wandering around Everfresh looking for all sorts of fresh vegetables to play with. Our fridge has been a little … Continue reading

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Beetroot, avo, feta and almond cous cous

So I made my second attempt at the cous cous left in my cupboard. We came back from Hogsback on Sunday evening and the kitchen was rather bare aside from a massive basket of lemons. I did find some beetroot … Continue reading

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Butternut, lentil and feta salad

Last night we made a butternut, lentil, blue cheese tarte tatin and I kept some of the roast butternut and lentil aside for a lunch salad today. Ingredients Roast butternut Lentils Baby tomatoes Rocket Almonds / pumpkin seeds / sunflower … Continue reading

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Butternut, lentil, blue cheese and rocket tarte tatin (upside down pie)

Sjoe I am full. This dish is a bit richer than our usual week night dinners, but its easy and looks oh so impressive. Again, I found myself scrounging around for ingredients after running up and down a very steep … Continue reading

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