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Mushroom Stroganof Pi Pielets

I have stopped cooking. Which is why there have been no posts for a very long time. I got knocked up and completely lost my food imagination and any desire to cook. I have been eating, but generally sticking to … Continue reading

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Chickpea, broccoli, pea and rosemary pasta bake

I spend most evenings sitting by the fire, eating hot bowls of winter food and obsessively watching The Wire. About to finish the third season and am still addicted. Fantastic study of the inner workings of any city. A lot … Continue reading

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Broccoli and rosemary creamy pasta

So, my camera is fixed (although I have to change the way I take pics as the reason it was broken was because it had corroded internally from steam…) and we have a 5 plate gas stove in the place … Continue reading

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Sundried tomato, rosemary, red onion and danish feta roast potatoes

And I am back! Finally. It has been a trying few months. Broken camera. Relocating cities. Packing our house has been singularly traumatic. But as of next week Monday we will be in a new house in Woodstock, trying to … Continue reading

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Roasted olive, rosemary, feta and seeds potato salad

I have been gone for a very very long time I know. My camera broke. One minute I was taking photos of food and the next it just wouldn’t switch on again. Then I was in Maputo working for a … Continue reading

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Danish feta, rocket and sundried tomato stuffed mushrooms, with rosemary yellow sweet potato, and watercress salad

My sister is in town with my 3 month old niece. She is also vegetarian so I spent a good while wandering around Everfresh looking for all sorts of fresh vegetables to play with. Our fridge has been a little … Continue reading

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