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Refried black beans, sweetcorn and dhanya salsa, avo and sour cream burritos

Why life are you so mad? It is at least 2 months since I first made this dish (as documented here). In the interim I have made it 3 or 4 more times, tweaking as I go along. I used … Continue reading

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Dhanya and green chilli sweetcorn fritters with grated parmesan

I didn’t grow up with sweetcorn fritters. They were always an exotic luxury I had at other people’s houses. I grew up on birthday parties with cheese, gherkins and raisins instead of fritos and cheese curls. For many years I … Continue reading

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Spicy roast tomato, giant spring onion and parsley soup

This is a quick soup I made for my friends in hogsback on a recent trip to the eastern cape. It is inspired by Dean’s tomato soup, but this one was made almost exclusively from vegetables from their organic garden. … Continue reading

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Baby spinach, roast sweetcorn, asparagus, almond and parmesan salad

This is another of Vaughn’s delicious salads. This is another part of the dinner in Dundee. Dundee is a fascinating town. Like most South African small towns, it is divided along race and class lines, but there is an old dilapidated fire engine … Continue reading

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Baby spinach and beetroot salad

Almost all of my meals include, or consist entirely of a salad or salads. Generally our salads include whatever fresh ingredients we have. In this case I have to admit a weakness I have for baby spinach at this time … Continue reading

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Beetroot, avo, feta and almond cous cous

So I made my second attempt at the cous cous left in my cupboard. We came back from Hogsback on Sunday evening and the kitchen was rather bare aside from a massive basket of lemons. I did find some beetroot … Continue reading

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Roast brinjal, lentils, cous cous, rocket, feta, almonds and lemon dressing salad

Ingredients: 1 large brinjal ½ cup brown dried lentils (if you lazy you could use a tin) 2 chillis 100g cous cous Rocket from the garden 1 round of feta Toasted almond flakes Dressing 3Tsp olive oil Juice of 2 … Continue reading

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